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Welcome to the updated Gas Bill Calculator. We've made a bucket load of changes to the site to help you calculate your gas bills but don't worry, if you have a tiered Gas Tariff or want to use the old version we've put it here.

The new Gas Bill Calculator is much like the old except now you can pick your supplier and gas tariff. You can also factor in standing charges, billing periods but most importantly, the Gas Bill Calculator now takes into account payment methods for supported tariffs.

We've had to change the way the Gas Bill Calculator works as UK Energy Suppliers are being forced to abandon tiered tariffs so soon we'll all be on a fixed tariff with a standing charge.

Gas Meter Help...

Use the 3 boxes below to enter your various charges or, click ‘supplier and tariff’ below to auto-fill charges

Don't change any of these figures unless you know what they mean.
Many of these figures can be found on your bill.

About Gas Bill Calculator

Calculating gas bills has become increasing difficult but this is by design as your friendly gas company doesn't want you to find it easy to switch suppliers or even compare prices. This keeps the large gas companies one step ahead of both the consumers as well as the price comparison sites.

We've made significant changes to the layout of the Gas Bill Calculator based on feedback from our visitors. Now, working out your gas bills should be even easier. Simply add your previous and current meter readings above and click 'Calculate' to be taken to a breakdown of your bill.

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Reducing Your Gas Bills

It is possible to save money on your energy bills by prompt payment or by choosing to pay by direct debit - more than half of consumers pay this way.

Do your own meter readings. This will ensure that your supplier charges you for the actual amount of energy you have used rather than estimating your bill.

Look into energy efficiency measures, such as loft insulation, or a more efficient boiler. Some of the environmental programmes that you pay for through your bill mean that your supplier can offer you help and advice. So take advantage of this by asking your supplier what they can do to help.