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Your Bill vs Average (As of October 2023)


Costs You stated the actual price you pay per kWh you pay is: 0.0689p
If you used the same amount of gas for the rest of the year your Effective Unit Price for the year would be: 0.0977p
If you turned your gas off after this bill, your Effective Unit Price over the year would be: 0.1751p
You stated your daily standing charge is: 0.2962p
Your Tariff Comparison Rate is: 0.0814p
Usage The amount of gas units used throughout the specified billing period was: 35ft3
Converting the gas units you used For this specified period into kWh, you used a total of: 1104.37kWh
Averages Daily Cost: £1.1987
Daily kWh Usage: 12.27kWh
Billing Period: 90 Days

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