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Costs You stated the actual price you pay per kWh you pay is: 0.0518p
If you used the same amount of gas for the rest of the year your Effective Unit Price for the year would be: 0.0766p
If you turned your gas off after this bill, your Effective Unit Price over the year would be: 0.1446p
You stated your daily standing charge is: 0.26p
Your Tariff Comparison Rate is: 0.0624p
Usage The amount of gas units used throughout the specified billing period was: 35ft3
Converting the gas units you used For this specified period into kWh, you used a total of: 1104.37kWh
Averages Daily Cost: £0.9404
Daily kWh Usage: 12.27kWh
Billing Period: 90 Days

*Savings on Bulb energy tariffs are based on this calculation and this billing period. Prices can vary depending on your postcode and usage.
Always check for any exit fees with your existing supplier before switching.