About Us

Welcome to the Gas Bill Calculator.

Back in the pre-app era, an problem came up when we received our gas bill where it was necessary to work out our exact gas usage to split the bill. After heading to a popular search engine, it was obvious no easy way of doing this existed.

The Gas Bill Calculator was born.

Now, some 5 years on, the site has grown a quite astonishing and loyal user base - Rising from the inital 300 odd visits per month to now around 2.5k with 12,000 page views.

The site has gone from a very basic single-page calculation tool to a massive number cruncher, providing users with as much impartial information as possible and the latest feature allows users to even save their bills for later reference and easier meter reading entry.

We continue to strive to offer the best and most accurate information for our users unlike other biased calculation or comparison sites that take back-handers to push the most lucrative offers for gas suppliers.

To cover our very small overhead, we do advertise on our site - This covers the cost of running the site and server and pays for a small amount of maintenance. We find this financial model provides the best experience for our users and doesn't compromise our impartiality.

Future Improvements

Recently, we've added ways to save your bills for future reference and we would like to improve this system to allow bill comparisons and trend analysis over time.

We also have plans to add dual fuel calculations on the site as well as possibly, tariff and supplier comparisons factoring in the costs to switch suppliers. This will however be hosted on a different page so as not to interfere with users only wanting to calculate their bills and requires a considerable overhaul of our data structure.

Here To Help

We're always here to help if you need it. We will soon add a contact us page to our site to make it easier for our users to get in touch with us or report issues with the website.

Until then, please continue to user our Facebook page to get in touch and please like and share our page.

Expect more in 2016!