At Gas Bill Calculator, we take privacy seriously and we've put together this page so our users can see exactly what data we collect and what we do with it.


We don't actively use cookies other than those to manage a user session. This cookie allows us to group calculations together on a user basis and in the future will be used to aid the management of user accounts.

We do not track users nor their behaviour via cookies.

Other Methods

In 2014 we started tracking Gas Bill Calculations using a database to store the information. Whilst there is currently no user benefit for this tracking, we implemented the tracking for the following reasons:

More Accurate Calculations: Seeing the figures our users enter allows us to see possible inaccuracies in calculations. This will allow us to tweak the calculation algorithm and provide an even more reliable calculation.

A Better User Experience: Seeing how users behave on our website allows us to see how users behave with our calculator, giving us the opportunity to make changes to improve the user experience.

Account Management: Collecting calculation information will allow us to implement a robust user account management at a future date.

We aren't able to tie specific users to a specific calculation and we collect no user specific information.

If you have any queries regarding privacy, please email us at