Gas Bill Calculator tries to make terminology as clear and simple as possible but there are occasions where description have been changed to improve the layout or functionality of our website.

This page is dedicated to understanding the terms we use and to help you better understand your estimation.

Kilowatt Hour (kWh)

A kilowatt hour or kWh is a unit of energy equal to 1,000 watt-hours. In simpler terms, it's equivalent to a 1,000 watt appliance used for one hour.

Gas units are converted to kWh to provide a base for cost and usage comparison.

Effective Unit Price (EUP)

Effective Unit Price is a monetary value that represents the total price of a unit including all other charges.

Effective Unit Price includes standing charges and VAT spread across the given units of usage.

As an example, if you used 100 KWh of energy for an entire year, your Effective Unit Price would be calculated as follows:

((100KWh * Actual Unit Rate) + (Standing Charge * 365) + VAT) / 100KWh

The 'Your Bill' page provides two separate Effective Unit Prices:

  • EUP for the current billing period (if you were to turn off your gas for the rest of the year)
  • EUP for the rest of the year based on the same usage.